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NBRI launches lotus variety which blooms in all seasons

In a momentous celebration, the CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute (CSIR-NBRI) launched an extraordinary variety of the national flower, Lotus, named ‘Namoh 108‘. This unique flower boasts an astonishing 108 petals and was dedicated to the nation on the eve of Independence Day, underscoring its significance in the cultural and religious tapestry of India.

The unveiling took place during the NBRI’s week-long festival ‘One Week One Lab Programme‘ in Lucknow, with CSIR Director General N Kalaiselvi leading the ceremony.

The ‘Namoh 108’ Lotus: A Resilient Marvel With Cultural and Scientific Significance

  • The ‘Namoh 108’ lotus variety has been meticulously developed by NBRI scientists, who brought the original plant from Manipur for comprehensive research. It became the first Lotus variety to have its entire genome sequenced, ensuring its longevity and protection from potential extinction.
  • Unlike its counterparts, the ‘Namoh 108’ lotus variety has exhibited exceptional resilience to varying weather conditions, showcasing its ability to bloom magnificently from March to December.
  • This prolonged flowering period significantly surpasses other lotus varieties that typically flourish for only 4-5 months.
  • The significance of this variety is further accentuated by its religious connotations and the revered number ‘108’. Dr. Kalaiselvi emphasized how this combination bestows a profound identity to the ‘Namoh 108’ lotus variety, encapsulating both cultural and scientific significance.

CSIR-NBRI’s Botanical Breakthrough: Introducing the ‘NBRI-Nihar’ Aloe Vera Variety and Herbal Wellness Products

  • Apart from introducing the ‘Namoh 108’ Lotus, CSIR-NBRI unveiled another remarkable botanical achievement – the ‘NBRI-Nihar‘ variant of Aloe Vera. This exceptional variety showcases an astonishing 2.5-fold increase in gel yield compared to traditional Aloe vera plants. Notably, it also exhibits remarkable resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases, rendering it a robust and dependable choice for cultivation and research purposes.
  • In a comprehensive approach to botanical well-being, CSIR-NBRI released two herbal products alongside the ‘NBRI-Nihar’ Aloe vera variant. The ‘Herbal Cold Drops‘ are designed to alleviate common cough and cold ailments, while the ‘Herbal Anti-Dandruff Shampoo‘ provides a natural solution for promoting scalp health, enhancing individuals’ lives through the abundance of nature.

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