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Viacom18 Completes Merger Of JioCinema and Voot OTT Platforms

Viacom18, a prominent player in the Indian media and entertainment industry, has made significant strides in merging its two Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms, JioCinema and Voot. The integration process has reached an advanced stage, with technology backends fully aligned and a majority of Voot Select subscribers smoothly transitioning to JioCinema.

Unification of Platforms

  • The merger has led to the dissolution of Voot as a standalone platform, both in terms of functionality and visibility.
  • A simple Google search for Voot redirects users to the JioCinema website, consolidating Viacom18’s OTT presence under a single brand.
  • The transition is also evident on app platforms, where only the JioCinema app is now available, marking a cohesive and streamlined user experience.

The Synergistic Merger

  • The merger process gained significant momentum in April 2023, when Viacom18 completed a complex merger scheme involving Reliance Industries, Bodhi Tree Systems, and Paramount Global.
  • This strategic move facilitated the integration of JioCinema into Viacom18, making it the primary platform for marquee content.
  • Notably, Viacom18 has also secured the rights to stream the Indian Premier League (IPL) through JioCinema, underscoring its commitment to delivering diverse and high-quality content.

Evolution of Voot and JioCinema

  • Voot, initially launched by Viacom18 in 2014, gained popularity as a versatile OTT platform offering a range of content.
  • The platform’s premium service, Voot Select, further solidified Viacom18’s position in the streaming industry.
  • Concurrently, JioCinema was introduced under Reliance Industries’ telecommunications arm, Jio, and subsequently became part of the Viacom18 umbrella in 2022.

Subscriber Onboarding

Voot Select’s loyal subscribers are being offered a seamless onboarding process onto the JioCinema platform. This thoughtful approach ensures that existing subscribers can continue to enjoy their favorite content without disruptions, while also benefiting from the enhanced offerings and features available on JioCinema.

The Remaining Transition

While the majority of subscribers have already embraced the new platform, approximately 10% of Voot Select’s user base is yet to transition to JioCinema. However, Viacom18 executives express confidence that this remaining segment will likely migrate within the next couple of months. This anticipation highlights the company’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and gradual transition for all its subscribers.

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