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Nearly 500 employees sacked by Google parent Alphabet in India

Employees sacked by Google parent Alphabet in India

Almost 500 employees in India from the legal, sales, marketing, and other areas have been let go by Google parent company Alphabet. According to sources speaking to Business Insider India, the fired workers were locked out of their work systems at about 9:20 p.m. on 16th Feb and informed by personal email.

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Job Cut by Google India: Key Points

  • The job cuts at Google India were anticipated following the search engine giant’s January layoffs of 12,000 employees, or 6% of its total.
  • Although Google did not specifically state how many employees in India would be affected, approximately 500 of the positions Google said in January would be eliminated are in India.
  • According to an internal memo accessed by Business Insider India, Google India stated that severance payouts will be “personal and based on parameters like duration of service” as part of its assistance plans for the impacted staff.
  • The remaining bonuses for 2022 as well as accrued but unused vacation time will also be given to the affected employees in addition to this.
  • The business added that, among other things, it will help with healthcare insurance and job placement services.

Google joins Major Tech Companies in Job Cut

Google is the latest major tech company to announce job cuts. The other companies are Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and Meta, all of which have recently cut thousands of positions. A layoff tracker also reports that 379 IT businesses worldwide have declared 1,07,930 job layoffs just in 2023.

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Google no more the Company for Job Security

Employees at Google India are feeling uncertain since, according to sources speaking to Business Insider India, the business has warned them that non-performance will be dealt with. But more than that, staff members who talked with Business Insider India claimed that Google could have hired better to prevent this disaster in the first place.

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