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New Amravati Station Becomes Central Railway’s Third ‘Pink Station’

Central Railway’s New Amravati station has engraved its place in history as the first station in Bhusaval Division and the third station within the Central Railway to be designated a “Pink Station” – a station that is wholly managed by women staff.

The Skilled Women Team at New Amravati Station

The New Amravati station boasts a team of 12 proficient women employees, each playing a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of the station. Among these accomplished individuals are 4 Deputy Station Superintendents, 4 Pointswomen, 3 Railway Protection Personnel, and 1 Station Ticket Booking Agent. Their collective efforts culminate in the efficient management of the station, fostering an environment of competence and inclusivity.

Dynamic Operations and Dedicated Professionalism: The New Amravati Station’s All-Women Team

Amidst a daily influx of around 380 passengers and the constant movement of 10 trains, the New Amravati station emerges as a vibrant center of bustling activity. Handling the intricacies associated with overseeing a station of such scale, the all-women team at New Amravati showcases unwavering commitment and a commendable display of professionalism.

Central Railway’s Pioneering Legacy: Promoting Gender Equality and Historical Milestones

Central Railway has consistently led the way in ensuring equitable opportunities for its female workforce. It proudly holds the accolade of being the inaugural zone within the Indian Railways to establish an all-women managed station, with Matunga Station on the Mumbai Division being the first, succeeded by Ajni Station on the Nagpur Division.

Headquartered in Mumbai at the iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Central Railway also boasts the historic achievement of operating India’s first passenger railway line, inaugurated on 16 April 1853, linking Mumbai to Thane.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • General Manager of Central Railway: Shri Naresh Lalwani

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New Amravati Station Becomes Central Railway's Third 'Pink Station'_4.1


New Amravati Station Becomes Central Railway's Third 'Pink Station'_5.1