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NIA to establish offices in every state by 2024: Amit Shah

NIA to establish offices in every state: Amit Shah, the Union Minister of Housing and Cooperation, spoke today at the start of a two-day “Chintan Shivir” in Surajkund, Haryana. The Chintan Shivir is being attended by Chief Ministers of the States, Home Ministers of States, Lieutenant Governors, and Administrators of Union Territories. Utilizing all internal security resources to their fullest potential is necessary in order to combat the issues facing the country.

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NIA to establish offices in every state: Key Points

  • In his speech, Shri Amit Shah stated that this Chintan Shivir, inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is being held to give the nation a unified platform to fight threats like cybercrime, the proliferation of drugs, and cross-border terrorism jointly.
  • Because crimes are evolving and growing more international in scope nowadays, all States will need to come up with a coordinated approach to combat them.
  • The areas impacted by left-wing extremism, including Jammu and Kashmir and the North East, which were once hotspots of violence and disturbance, are now hotspots of development, according to the Union Home Minister.
  • Over the past eight years, the security situation in the North East has greatly improved. Since 2014, for example, there has been a 74% decrease in insurgency incidents, a 60% decrease in security force casualties, and a 90% decrease in civilian casualties.
  • Additionally, by signing deals with the NLFT, Bodo, Bru, and Karbi Anglong, under which more than 9,000 militants have surrendered, efforts have been made to achieve a sustainable peace in the area.

Amit Shah on need of NIA in every State:

  • A new era of peace and advancement has started in Jammu and Kashmir since Article 370 was repealed there on August 5, 2019.
  • The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and other agencies are being strengthened to achieve a resounding triumph over terrorism as part of the government’s zero-tolerance strategy against it, which is being led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • By establishing NIA branches in each state, attempts are being made to create an anti-terror network by the year 2024.
  • The legal framework is being tightened, and as part of that, a mechanism has been developed to declare certain individuals terrorists by altering the NIA and UAPA legislation.

Resource integration, rational resource use, and resource optimization are required for this, which would further enhance state-to-state cooperation. According to the government’s “one data, one entry” policy, NIA has been tasked with creating a national database for terrorist cases, NCB with one for drug cases, ED with one for economic crimes, and NCRB with one for creating a database of fingerprints known as NAFIS and the National Database of Sex Offenders (NDSO).

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By 2024, NIA to establish offices in every state: Amit Shah_4.1India Suffered Income Loss of 5.4% of GDP Due To Heatwave In 2021: Report_80.1

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