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Nitin Gadkari Inaugurates ‘Classic Imperial’ Luxury Cruise In Kerala


On November 29, Nitin Gadkari virtually marked the inauguration of ‘Classic Imperial,’ a luxury cruise vessel, in Kochi. This event was a significant milestone in the efforts to promote cruise tourism in the region. The Union Minister commended the commissioning of the vessel, emphasizing the display of professional excellence and entrepreneurial skills.

‘Classic Imperial’ Sets Sail in Style

The luxury cruise vessel, ‘Classic Imperial,’ was inaugurated at the Neo classic Boat Jetty at Marine Drive. Attended by dignitaries such as Kochi Corporation Mayor M. Anilkumar, Hibi Eden, MP, T. J. Vinod, MLA, and GCDA chairman K. Chandran Pillai, the event showcased the collaborative support from various stakeholders.

Nishith K. John’s Vision

Nishith K. John, the entrepreneur behind ‘Classic Imperial,’ received accolades from the Union Minister for his role in bringing this ambitious project to fruition. The vessel, touted as the largest of its kind built in Kerala, can accommodate 150 people at a time. The Union Minister expressed his congratulations to John and assured him of the government’s continuous support.

Meeting Indian Registrar of Shipping Standards

‘Classic Imperial’ has been constructed in adherence to the stringent safety standards set by the Indian Registrar of Shipping. The vessel’s specifications prioritize the safety and security of passengers, reflecting a commitment to ensuring a secure and enjoyable cruising experience.

From Construction to Commissioning

Despite facing challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the construction of ‘Classic Imperial’ began in March 2020. The dedication and perseverance of the team involved in this project, despite delays, underscore the resilience of the tourism industry in overcoming obstacles.

A New Era for Cruise Tourism in Kerala

The inauguration of ‘Classic Imperial’ marks a new era for cruise tourism in Kerala and India as a whole. With the government’s commitment to converting rivers into waterways, coupled with entrepreneurial initiatives like ‘Classic Imperial,’ the future of cruise tourism in the region looks promising. As the industry rebounds from the impact of the pandemic, luxury cruise vessels like ‘Classic Imperial’ symbolize hope and resilience for the tourism sector.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. Who is the entrepreneur behind the ‘Classic Imperial’?

Answer: Nishith K. John is the entrepreneur behind ‘Classic Imperial.’

2. When did the construction of ‘Classic Imperial’ begin?

Answer: The construction of ‘Classic Imperial’ began in March 2020, despite challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

3. How many people can ‘Classic Imperial’ accommodate at a time, and what distinguishes it as the largest of its kind in Kerala?

Answer: ‘Classic Imperial’ can accommodate 150 people at a time, making it the largest luxury cruise vessel built in Kerala.

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