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NIXI and MeitY to unveil BhashaNet portal at UA Day tomorrow for Digital Inclusion across the nation

The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) is gearing up to introduce the BhashaNet portal during the upcoming Universal Acceptance (UA) Day. This initiative aims to advance digital inclusion and linguistic diversity in India, showcasing collaborative efforts between NIXI and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

Joint Commitment to Digital Inclusion

  • NIXI and MeitY’s successful partnership underscores their commitment to fostering digital inclusivity nationwide.
  • The support from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and MeitY’s Internet Governance division further strengthens UA Day’s significance.

Theme: “BhashaNet: Impetus Towards Universal Acceptance”

  • The event emphasizes NIXI’s dedication to ensuring linguistic inclusivity in the digital realm.
  • It aims to mobilize stakeholders and raise awareness about UA readiness for all languages and scripts.

Engaging Sessions and Distinguished Speakers

  • Keynote addresses, panel discussions, and technical workshops will be conducted by eminent speakers from various sectors.
  • Discussions will revolve around the importance of UA and strategies for achieving acceptance across linguistic boundaries.

Government Support and Presence

  • S Krishnan, Secretary of MeitY, will grace the event as the Chief Guest, reaffirming the Government’s strong backing for digital inclusivity.
  • Shushil Pal, Joint Secretary of MeitY, will also attend to advocate for digital inclusivity and Universal Acceptance.

CEO’s Enthusiasm for Digital Inclusivity

  • Dr. Devesh Tyagi, CEO of NIXI, expresses excitement about UA Day, emphasizing its pivotal role in promoting digital inclusivity.
  • The event underscores NIXI’s commitment to bridging linguistic divides and amplifying voices in the digital sphere.

NIXI and MeitY to unveil BhashaNet portal at UA Day tomorrow for Digital Inclusion across the nation_4.1