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No Smoking Day 2023 observed on March 8

No Smoking Day 2023 observed on March 8_4.1

No Smoking Day 2023

Every year on the second Wednesday of March, No Smoking Day is observed. It falls on March 8 this year. Even though we all know that smoking is bad for our health, quitting the habit appears to be a difficult task. This year’s theme is: “Stopping smoking improves your brain health”. The day is celebrated to help those who wish to quit smoking as well as to raise awareness about the implications of smoking on an individual’s health.

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Significance of No Smoking Day 2023

The day was significantly started to aware people of the ill effects of smoking and help them quit it on time. Giving up smoking takes a lot of dedication and motivation as ones who smoke on a regular basis, their bodies get addicted to it. If they stop having smoke, their body reacts in a way that they crave tobacco.

The main goal of this day is to raise awareness about the detrimental health impacts of smoking and other forms of tobacco intake. The important message is to assist smokers in quitting their harmful habit.

History of No Smoking Day 2023

The United Kingdom witnessed that the people in the country are getting addicted to smoking. In 1984, the day was observed for the first time. Earlier, it was celebrated on the first Wednesday of March as it began on Ash Wednesday. However, with time, it shifted to the second Wednesday. Now, it is celebrated as an annual event all over the United Kingdom and in other countries too.

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