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Nobel Foundation Reverses Decision to Invite Russian Ambassador

In a recent development, the Nobel Foundation has decided to cancel its invitation to the Russian Ambassador for this year’s Nobel award ceremony in Stockholm. This decision comes after significant controversy surrounding their initial invitation.

Background: Previous Decision to Exclude Russian and Belarusian Ambassadors

In 2022, the Nobel Foundation made a notable decision not to invite Ambassadors from Russia and Belarus to the Stockholm award event due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. A similar decision was made regarding the Iranian envoy, citing Iran’s crackdown on protests.

Reversal and Initial Controversy

Recently, the foundation announced a reversal of its policy, stating that it would once again invite Ambassadors from all countries represented in Sweden. This decision, however, sparked outrage and strong reactions from various quarters.

Reasons for Reversal

The Nobel Foundation clarified that their intention was to spread the values and messages embodied by the Nobel Prize as widely as possible. They believed it was essential to maintain an inclusive approach. Nevertheless, the public reaction overshadowed this message.

Return to Exclusionary Policy

In light of the backlash, the Nobel Foundation has decided to revert to its 2022 policy, which excludes the Ambassadors of Russia, Belarus, and Iran from the Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm. Importantly, this change does not affect the Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo, where all Ambassadors will continue to be invited.

Reactions and Responses

  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko praised the decision as a “victory for humanism” and urged a similar approach for Oslo.

  • Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson expressed his disagreement with the Foundation’s initial decision and welcomed the reversal, highlighting the unified stance of Sweden in support of Ukraine.

  • Several prominent Swedish politicians, including leaders of major parties, had previously declared their intention to boycott the event if the Russian Ambassador were present.

About the Nobel Prize Ceremony

The Nobel Prize ceremony is a prestigious event held annually in Stockholm on December 10th. During this ceremony, laureates in various fields, including medicine, physics, chemistry, literature, and economics, receive their awards from King Carl XVI Gustaf. A separate ceremony is simultaneously held in Oslo for the Peace Prize laureate.

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