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NPCI Appoints Pankaj Tripathi as ‘UPI Safety Ambassador’


In a significant move to enhance awareness and security on digital payment platforms, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has appointed Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi as the “UPI Safety Ambassador.” This strategic partnership aims to address growing concerns about the safety of digital payment systems, particularly the United Payments Interface (UPI).

Partnership Announcement on Social Media

The NPCI officially announced its collaboration with Pankaj Tripathi on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter). In a video, the acclaimed Bollywood actor shed light on various initiatives by NPCI, including UPI, RuPay and IMPS, aimed at simplifying digital payments and ensuring their security. Tripathi emphasized the extensive reach of UPI payments, spanning cities, towns and even the remotest villages across the country.

Digital Landscape in India

The digital payments ecosystem in India has experienced remarkable growth, driven by government initiatives, increased interest internet and smartphone penetration and the surge in e-commerce activities. Private sector players have also contributed to the ecosystem by offering a diverse range of digital payment services.

UPI Transaction Statistics

As of the end of the calendar year 2022, UPI’s total transaction value reached Rs.125.95 trillion, marking a substantial 1.75 times year-on-year growth, as reported by NPCI. This accounted for nearly 86% of India’s GDP in FY22. In FY 2022-21, 8,840 crores of Digital Payment Transactions were recorded, with 87.20% of current and savings accounts linked to Aadhaar numbers and 81.05% linked to mobile numbers. By the end of the calendar year 2023, UPI’s total transaction volume has reached 83.75 billion.

Key UPI Safety Tips

Pankaj Tripathi emphasized several key UPI safety tips to instill confidence in users and ensure secure digital transactions. These include:

  1. Do not share UPI PIN with anyone.
  2. Always verify the UPI ID of the person before making a payment
  3. Entering UPI PIN means money getting deducted from your account
  4. Scanning QR is for making a payment, not for receiving money
  5. Enter UPI PIN on UPI PIN page only
  6. Check SMS when money is deducted
  7. Strictly follow the key UPI Safety Shield Tips

User Support and Assistance

The NPCI encourages users to utilize the help section within the UPI app for any transaction-related issues. The organization has a dedicated team of experts available 24×7 to assist users with concerns or problems related to UPI transactions.

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