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NPCI Launches UPI Chalega 3.0 Campaign to Drive UPI Adoption and Safety Awareness

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has introduced the third edition of its UPI Safety Awareness Campaign named “UPI Chalega.” Collaborating with key stakeholders in the payments ecosystem, the campaign aims to emphasize the ease, safety, and swiftness of using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) for transactions.

This initiative seeks to educate users about several essential UPI features that enhance convenience and security:

Promoting UPI for Various Transactions

The “UPI Chalega” campaign is geared towards promoting UPI as a trustworthy, efficient, and real-time payment method for a diverse range of transactions. It also sheds light on innovative features like UPI LITE, designed for swift low-value transactions, UPI AUTOPAY, facilitating secure recurring payments across UPI applications, and UPI Interoperability, which ensures seamless money transfers between all UPI-enabled apps.

Building on Previous Successes

This isn’t the first time the UPI Chalega campaign has been launched. In 2020, it was initiated under the guidance of the Financial Literacy Advisory Committee (FLAC). The success of the first and second editions played a pivotal role in expanding UPI’s reach, fostering awareness about its safety measures, and enhancing its usability for diverse transactions, firmly establishing it as a preferred choice for digital payments.

Engaging Initiatives for UPI Adoption

With the launch of UPI Chalega 3.0, the campaign continues its mission to encourage the adoption of UPI while prioritizing user safety. Through captivating initiatives, the campaign aims to achieve its objectives. The campaign’s promotional material features snapshots of the “#UPIWaliShaadi” commercials, showcasing relatable scenarios within a grand Indian wedding setting.

Comprehensive Resource Hub

To supplement the campaign, a dedicated microsite, www.upichalega.com, has been created. This hub serves as a valuable resource, offering engaging TV commercials, informative ‘How to’ videos, details about participating banks and third-party apps, and dynamic social media feeds. Users can access in-depth information about UPI services such as UPI LITE, UPI AutoPay, and Interoperability through detailed instructional videos on how to enable, set up, and effectively use these services.

Ultimate Goal: Wider UPI Adoption

The overarching objective of the campaign is to enhance overall brand awareness of UPI, enhance understanding of its distinctive features, and drive increased adoption among new users. By using relatable and heartwarming scenarios, the campaign provides an engaging platform to enlighten the audience about the innovative aspects of UPI and its role in transforming digital transactions.

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