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APAAR ID Registration, Full Form, Benefits, and Download


The Ministry of Education and Government of India has initiated the APAAR ID, known as the “One Nation One Student ID Card.” This groundbreaking program aims to digitally centralize academic data, including degrees, scholarships, rewards, and other credits for students. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information about the benefits of the APAAR ID and how to download it from the official website.

The One Nation One Student ID Card, APAAR ID, is a significant step towards a more organized and accessible academic experience for students in India. By registering and downloading your APAAR ID, you can unlock various benefits and conveniently store your academic records. With thousands of institutes and millions of students already benefiting from this program, it’s a promising development in the education sector.

APAAR ID Full Form

Full form of APAAR ID stands for “Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry.” The Government of India introduced the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC Bank) to administer the issuance of APAAR ID cards. These cards function as a registry within the educational system, commonly known as an ‘EduLocker.’

APAAR ID Registration Form

Government Initiatives: Explore how the Government of India and the Ministry of Education continue to introduce initiatives that benefit citizens.
Registration Process: Understand the significance of completing the APAAR ID registration and how to download the card for use.

APAAR Card: One Nation One ID Card Registration

Digital Student ID: Learn about the APAAR Card, a digital ID card for students in India, whether they attend private or government schools or colleges.
Main Objectives: Explore the key objectives of the APAAR Card program, such as collecting academic data and academic credits in one place.
Unique Identifier: Understand how the card includes a unique 12-digit APAAR number for each student.

ABC Card PDF Download

The Academic Bank of Credits was launched following discussions in the National Education Policy (NEP). Under this portal, all students can register and avail of the benefits provided by the ABC Card. The following instructions explain the ABC Card PDF download process. After downloading the APAAR Card PDF @ abc.gov.in, it’s important to verify the details mentioned on it, such as name, APAAR ID, QR code, and others. Currently, thousands of institutes and two crore students have registered online for the ABC Card or APAAR ID Card.

ABC Bank Registration By Digilocker

ABC Bank Account: Learn about the ongoing ABC Bank registration through Digilocker.
Account Setup: Find out how to set up an account using your mobile number, select university details, academic qualifications, and more.
APAAR Card Issuance: Understand the process of APAAR Card issuance and how to download it for various services.

Guide for APAAR ID Registration Online @ abc.gov.in

Registration Steps: Follow the detailed instructions for completing APAAR ID registration online on the abc.gov.in website.
Mobile and Aadhar Card: Understand the role of your mobile number and Aadhar card number in the registration process.
Selecting School or University: Learn how to choose your school or university and specify your class or course.
Card Generation: Find out how to submit the form and generate your APAAR ID Card online for collecting academic credits.

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What is Apaar ID for students?

APAAR ID, known as the "One Nation One Student ID Card." This groundbreaking program aims to digitally centralize academic data, including degrees, scholarships, rewards, and other credits for students.

छात्रों के लिए अपार आईडी क्या है?

शिक्षा मंत्रालय और भारत सरकार ने एपीएआर आईडी की शुरुआत की है, जिसे “वन नेशन वन स्टूडेंट आईडी कार्ड” के रूप में जाना जाता है। वन नेशन वन स्टूडेंट आईडी कार्ड, एपीएआर आईडी, भारत में छात्रों के लिए अधिक संगठित और सुलभ शैक्षणिक अनुभव की दिशा में एक महत्वपूर्ण कदम है।