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Passport Affordability Rankings: Indian Passport Second Cheapest, UAE Tops

A recent study conducted by Australian firm Compare the Market AU has revealed intriguing insights into global passport affordability and accessibility. According to the study, the Indian passport ranks as the second cheapest worldwide, with the UAE passport claiming the top spot for affordability. While the Indian passport offers a cost-effective option in terms of both acquisition cost and yearly expenses, its visa-free access is relatively limited compared to higher-priced passports.

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Indian Passport Leads in Yearly Expenses

In terms of cost per year of validity, the Indian passport emerges as the most economical option, with a mere $1.81 expenditure per year. This places India ahead of countries like South Africa and Kenya, offering passport holders significant savings over time.

Limited Visa-Free Access: Trade-Off for Affordability

Despite its affordability, the Indian passport’s visa-free access is comparatively limited. This stands in contrast to passports from countries like Australia, the USA, and Canada, which offer broader access to a larger number of nations but come with a higher price tag.

Myth Debunked: US Passport Not the Most Expensive

Contrary to popular belief, the United States’ passport is not the most expensive globally. According to the study, Mexico holds the title for the most expensive passport, followed closely by Australia.

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