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PM Modi announced ‘Panch Pran’ goal for the next 25 years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the nation from the Red Fort for the ninth time in a row on August 15, 2022. PM Modi, in his 88-minute speech, outlined his “Panch Pran Targets” (Five Resolves) to make India a developed country by the time it celebrates its 100th Independence Day in 25 years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed the Panch Pran Goal.

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Panch Pran: India’s developed standards

  • Cleanliness campaigns, vaccinations, electrical connections, the elimination of open defecation, and the usage of solar energy are all examples of established India standards according to the Panch Pran.
  • A prime illustration of “liberation from the concept of servitude” is the New National Education Policy.
  • Women’s rights, gender equality, and India First are national emblems of solidarity and unity.
  • India would advance if its citizens carry out obligations like saving power, practising chemical-free agriculture, and making the most of the available irrigation water.

PM Modi requested to every individual to Follow Panch Pran

PM Modi requested every individual to foloow Panch Pran. The Panch Pran are as follows:

  • Advance with greater conviction and the determination of a developed India
  • Get rid of any signs of slavery
  • Take pride in India’s history.
  • the power of unity
  • duties of citizens, such as those of the PM and CMs.

Panch Pran: PM Important Mentions:

  • According to the PM Modi, when the nation celebrates 100 years of independence in 2047, these five resolutions (Panch Pran) will be important for a developed country.
  • The prime minister’s vision of “Vishwaguru India” is also one of these five resolutions (Panch Pran). On reaching 100 years of independence, PM Modi wants to transform India into the “Vishwaguru.”

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