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PM Modi Inaugurates Sikkim’s First Railway Station In Rangpo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ceremonially laid the foundation stone for Sikkim’s inaugural railway station in Rangpo, marking a significant moment in the state’s history. The station’s design, deeply rooted in local culture, heritage, and architecture, reflects Sikkim’s rich traditions and the majestic Himalayan landscape.

Rail Infrastructure Projects Unveiled: Boosting Connectivity and Development

The inauguration of the Rangpo railway station is part of a larger initiative to enhance rail infrastructure nationwide. With over 2,000 projects valued at approximately Rs 41,000 crore, this ambitious endeavor aims to revolutionize transportation networks, fostering connectivity and economic development.

Governor Acharya’s Perspective: Significance for Sikkim’s Progress

Governor Lakshman Prasad Acharya, present at the ceremony, emphasized the pivotal role of the railway station in Sikkim’s journey towards progress. He highlighted its alignment with the vision of ‘Viksit Bharat@2047’ and its potential to invigorate the tourism sector by providing efficient travel options.

Enhancing Resilience: Railway Connectivity Amid Monsoon Challenges

The introduction of railways holds particular significance during the monsoon season, offering a reliable alternative to the often-disrupted NH-10. Railway connectivity enhances resilience and reliability, ensuring seamless transportation even in adverse weather conditions.

Sevoke-Rangpo Railway Line: Key Features and Infrastructure

The Sevoke-Rangpo railway line, spanning 45 kilometers from Sevoke in West Bengal to Rangpo in Sikkim, incorporates several notable features. With 14 tunnels and 22 bridges, the track is designed to accommodate 25-ton loads and facilitate trains running at speeds of up to 110 kmph.

Stations Along the Route: Enhancing Connectivity

Along the Sevoke-Rangpo route, stations including Riyang, Teesta Bazar, and Melli in West Bengal contribute to the comprehensive rail network. Notably, the Teesta Bazar station will be constructed underground, showcasing innovative design and engineering.

Project Timeline and Cost Estimates: Reflecting Complexities and Challenges

Initially awarded to IRCON International in May 2010 at a cost of Rs 4,084.69 crore, the project has experienced revisions in its timeline and budget. The revised completion date is set for December 2024, with an updated cost estimate of Rs 12,474.07 crore, reflecting the intricate nature of large-scale infrastructure projects.

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