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PM Modi Launched PRITHVI VIGYAN Scheme worth nearly 4,800 crore rupees

Introduction to PRITHVI Scheme

The Indian government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has launched an ambitious initiative named PRITHVI (PRITHvi VIgyan), a comprehensive scheme by the Ministry of Earth Sciences. With a significant budget of Rs. 4,797 crore, the program spans from 2021-26, marking a new era in the study and understanding of Earth sciences in India.

Objectives of PRITHVI Scheme

The PRITHVI scheme aims to revolutionize our understanding and interaction with various Earth systems. Its objectives include:

  • Long-Term Observations: Strengthening the continuous monitoring of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, geosphere, cryosphere, and solid earth to track and record essential changes.
  • Model Development: Creating advanced models for better forecasting of weather, oceanic, and climatic hazards, and deepening the understanding of climate change.
  • Polar and Oceanic Exploration: Venturing into the unexplored polar regions and high seas to discover new phenomena and resources.
  • Technology Advancement: Innovating technologies for the sustainable exploitation of oceanic resources, benefiting society.
  • Knowledge Translation: Converting scientific insights into practical services for societal, environmental, and economic advantages.

The Role of the Ministry of Earth Sciences

The Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) plays a pivotal role in this initiative, translating scientific knowledge into valuable services for society. These services encompass:

  • Weather forecasts and warnings.
  • Alerts for natural disasters like cyclones, floods, and tsunamis.
  • Earthquake monitoring and more.

The MoES’s work in this regard has been instrumental in saving lives and reducing property damage during natural disasters.

Prithiv Scheme: Operational and Research Framework

The MoES conducts its research and operational activities through ten esteemed institutes, including:

  • India Meteorological Department (IMD)
  • National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF)
  • Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology (CMLRE)

And others
These institutes work in tandem, supported by a fleet of research vessels, to conduct ground-breaking research and provide essential services.

Earth System Sciences: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Earth System Sciences encompass the comprehensive study of the Earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere. MoES’s PRITHVI scheme takes a holistic approach to these disciplines, integrating their complex interactions for a deeper understanding of Earth sciences.

The Impact of PRITHVI

PRITHVI promises to unify various disciplines under Earth sciences, fostering integrated, multidisciplinary research. This collaborative effort aims to address significant challenges in weather, climate, oceanography, cryospheric studies, seismology, and sustainable resource utilization.

In conclusion, the PRITHVI scheme represents a significant leap forward in the realm of Earth sciences in India. It not only enhances our understanding of Earth’s complex systems but also ensures that this knowledge is transformed into practical applications for societal benefit. With its comprehensive approach and robust framework, PRITHVI is set to make a lasting impact on how we interact with and understand our planet.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. What is the primary objective of the PRITHVI scheme?
a. Exploration of outer space
b. Advancement of medical sciences
c. Understanding and interaction with Earth systems
d. Promotion of cultural heritage

Q2. How long is the PRITHVI program expected to span?
a. 2021-26
b. 2022-27
c. 2023-28
d. 2024-29

Q3. What is the budget allocated for the PRITHVI scheme?
a. Rs. 797 crore
b. Rs. 2,345 crore
c. Rs. 4,797 crore
d. Rs. 10,000 crore

Q4. What does the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) aim to achieve through the PRITHVI scheme?
a. Space exploration
b. Sustainable agriculture
c. Converting scientific insights into practical services for societal benefits
d. Cultural preservation

Q5. Which of the following is NOT one of the objectives of the PRITHVI scheme?
a. Long-Term Observations
b. Space Exploration
c. Technology Advancement
d. Polar and Oceanic Exploration

Q6. What role does the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) play in the PRITHVI initiative?
a. Providing financial support
b. Translating scientific knowledge into valuable services for society
c. Conducting polar explorations
d. Developing advanced models

Q7. How many institutes are involved in the research and operational activities of the PRITHVI scheme?
a. Five
b. Ten
c. Fifteen
d. Twenty

Q8. Which institute is mentioned as playing a crucial role in weather forecasts and warnings under the MoES?
a. India Meteorological Department (IMD)
b. Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology (CMLRE)
c. National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF)
d. All of the above

Q9. What is the multidisciplinary approach adopted by the PRITHVI scheme?
a. Focusing solely on atmospheric studies
b. Integration of complex interactions within Earth System Sciences
c. Emphasizing space exploration
d. Ignoring the cryosphere and geosphere studies

Q10. What impact does PRITHVI aim to make in the realm of Earth sciences?
a. Limited impact on climate studies
b. Addressing challenges in various Earth science disciplines through integrated research
c. Solely focusing on sustainable resource utilization
d. Ignoring weather forecasting and warnings

Kindly share your responses in the comment section.

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