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PM Modi to Inaugurate 141st IOC Session in Mumbai

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to inaugurate the 141st International Olympic Committee (IOC) session at the Jio World Centre in Mumbai on October 14. This marks India’s second time hosting the IOC session, following a gap of nearly four decades since the 86th IOC session was held in New Delhi in 1983.

The IOC session serves as a pivotal platform for making critical decisions concerning the future of the Olympic Games and facilitates interaction and knowledge exchange among stakeholders in the world of sports.

Key Participants:

  • International Olympic Committee President: Thomas Bach
  • Other IOC Members
  • Prominent Indian Sports Figures
  • Representatives from Various Sports Federations, including the Indian Olympic Association

Significance of the Event:

  • The IOC session is a significant gathering where vital decisions that shape the future of the Olympic Games are made.
  • India’s second time hosting the event after a gap of nearly 40 years underscores the country’s growing role in the global sporting landscape.
  • The event fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing among various stakeholders in the sports world.

Historical Context:

  • India last hosted the IOC session in 1983, marking a return to hosting after a considerable hiatus.
  • The previous event in New Delhi laid the groundwork for the growth of sports in India.


  • The IOC session will take place at the Jio World Centre in Mumbai, a state-of-the-art facility equipped to host such a prestigious gathering.

Global Participation:

  • The event will witness the presence of key international figures, including the IOC President Thomas Bach and other IOC members.
  • Prominent Indian sports personalities will also participate, emphasizing the nation’s passion for sports.

Indian Sports Federations:

  • Representatives from various Indian sports federations will be in attendance, including the Indian Olympic Association.
  • Their participation underlines the collaboration between the Indian sporting community and the global Olympic movement.

Outcome and Expectations:

  • The IOC session is expected to result in important decisions regarding the future of the Olympic Games.
  • It provides a platform for India to showcase its commitment to the growth of global sports and its role in the Olympic movement.

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