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Prayagraj Police Launches ‘Savera’ Scheme To Assist Senior Citizens

The Prayagraj police have taken a proactive step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of senior citizens in their community. They have recently launched the ‘Savera scheme, aimed at offering essential services during health and other emergencies to senior citizens residing in seven districts within the Prayagraj zone. This initiative has garnered significant attention and participation, with over 700 senior citizens registering in just the past three days.

A Lifeline for Seniors

Under the ‘Savera’ scheme, the Prayagraj police are meticulously maintaining a comprehensive record of individuals aged 60 and above. These records are accessible through a dedicated helpline number, 112, ensuring a quick and efficient response in times of need. One of the primary responsibilities of the police personnel involved in this scheme is to conduct regular safety checks at the homes of registered senior citizens. These checks are crucial in guaranteeing the safety and well-being of elderly individuals who might otherwise be vulnerable.

Regular Home Visits

A notable aspect of the ‘Savera’ scheme is the commitment of the police to send beat police personnel for regular visits to the homes of senior citizens. During these visits, the officers engage with the elderly residents, inquiring about their well-being, and addressing any concerns they may have. This proactive approach not only enhances the sense of security for senior citizens but also strengthens the bond between law enforcement and the community.

Preventing Delays and Ensuring a Timely Response

According to Additional DG (Prayagraj zone), Bhanu Bhaskar, the ‘Savera’ scheme was launched with the primary objective of enhancing response time and preventing delays in addressing senior citizens’ concerns. Often, senior citizens face difficulties in obtaining timely assistance, especially when they live alone. The scheme aims to bridge this gap by ensuring that registered seniors can quickly access the help they need.

Registration Process and Integration with Emergency Services

The registration process for senior citizens aged 60 and above is straightforward. They can register for the ‘Savera’ scheme online, and their information is automatically transmitted to the local police station through the 112 helpline. Once the information is received, the police station verifies it by sending a police officer to confirm the details. Once verification is complete, the senior citizen becomes a registered user of the scheme.

In addition to providing assistance directly through the police stations, the ‘Savera’ scheme integrates with other essential helpline services such as 108 for ambulance, 181 for women in distress, and 101 for fire services. This integration ensures that senior citizens registered with the ‘Savera’ scheme can easily access all necessary emergency services promptly.

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