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Priyanka Jarkiholi Youngest Tribal Woman to Win in Lok Sabha

Congress nominee and Minister Satish Jarkiholi’s daughter Priyanka Jarkiholi has won from Chikkodi, defeating incumbent MP and BJP leader Annasaheb Jolle. Priyanka Jarkiholi from Chikkodi became the youngest tribal woman to enter Parliament from an unreserved seat in Karnataka since Independence. In fact, the BJP has won all the seats in Mumbai Karnataka, except Chikkodi.

About Priyanka Jarkiholi

Priyanka Jarkoli belongs from a politically powerful family. She is one of the three women elected for the Parliament from the state of Karnataka. She is the daughter of Satish Jarkiholi, minister of Public Works Department, Karnataka. Priyanka has done her Masters from the Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University. She also has an MBA. As of June 4, 2024, the day of the Lok Sabha results announcement, she was 27 years and 1 month old and 18 days.

About her achievement

Priyanka contested from Chikkodi seat of Karnataka on the ticket of Indian National Congress. She won the election with more than 1,20,000 votes against sitting MP Annasaheb Jolle. With this victory Priyanka became the first tribal women to win an election on General Category Parliament seat. She is also amongst the youngest elected MPs of 18th Lok Sabha Election. Moreover, she also became the second leader in the history of tribal community to win an election from unreserved constituency. Kotturu Hariharappa Ranganath was the first tribal leader to win from Chitradurga parliament seat in 1984 Lok Sabha Elections.

What is the Minimum Age to Contest for Parliament Elections?

As per the constitution, the minimum age of congestion for the Lok Sabha Elections in India is 25 years. The candidate must be of 25 years or more on the date of scrutiny of their nomination paper. It must be noted that tampering with the age may result in the disqualification of the candidate.

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The youngest tribal woman from Chikkodi (Karnataka) to win the election in18th Lok Sabha: Priyanka Jarkiholi

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