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Punjab Govt Launches ‘Sadak Surakhya Force’ (SSF), First Of Its Kind To Cut Road Deaths

Under the visionary leadership of Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, a groundbreaking initiative has been unveiled to enhance road safety across the state. The inauguration of the Sadak Surakhya Force (SSF) marks a significant leap forward in safeguarding lives and preventing accidents on Punjab’s extensive road network.

Deployment and Resources

At the helm of this initiative, CM Bhagwant Mann has orchestrated the deployment of the Sadak Surakhya Force (SSF) along the sprawling 5,500 km stretch of national and state highways in Punjab. With a fleet of 129 vehicles, including top-of-the-line Toyota Hilux units, equipped with advanced technology and linked to nearby trauma centers, the SSF stands poised to deliver swift assistance to accident victims.

Swift Response and Platinum Minutes

Emphasizing the urgency of timely assistance, CM Bhagwant Mann has championed the SSF’s commitment to reaching accident sites within the critical 15-minute window, which he aptly terms as “platinum minutes.” This rapid response capability is poised to significantly reduce fatalities and ensure prompt medical attention to those in need.

Gender Inclusivity and Empowerment

In a move towards gender inclusivity and empowerment, CM Bhagwant Mann has ensured the inclusion of 90 women within the ranks of the SSF. This progressive step underscores the government’s commitment to fostering diversity and equal participation in crucial roles.

Data-Driven Approach

CM Bhagwant Mann has reaffirmed the government’s dedication to transparency by pledging to share comprehensive data on accidents and fatalities, starting from February. This data-driven approach will enable informed decision-making and targeted interventions to mitigate road risks effectively.

Vision and Impact

Driven by a vision to alleviate the burden on state police and address the alarming rate of road accidents, CM Bhagwant Mann underscores the transformative impact of the SSF. He envisions this dedicated force as a catalyst for saving thousands of lives annually, thereby cementing its pivotal role in enhancing road safety.

Traffic Management Reforms

Drawing inspiration from global best practices, CM Bhagwant Mann hints at introducing a points system akin to those in the United States, New Zealand, and Canada, aimed at penalizing repeat traffic offenders. This reform underscores the government’s commitment to instilling a culture of responsible driving and adherence to traffic regulations.

Combatting Drunk Driving

CM Bhagwant Mann announces measures to combat drunk driving by providing alternative transportation for intoxicated drivers through SSF services, albeit with charges. This initiative seeks to deter drunk driving while ensuring the safety of both drivers and road users.

Technological Integration and Accountability

With SSF personnel and vehicles equipped with cameras, CM Bhagwant Mann emphasizes the pivotal role of technology in enhancing accountability and transparency. Any issuance of challans captured off-camera will be deemed as corruption, reinforcing the government’s zero-tolerance stance towards malpractices.

Pioneering Road Safety Initiative

The launch of the Sadak Surakhya Force under the leadership of Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann heralds a new era of road safety in the state. With its holistic approach encompassing swift assistance, gender inclusivity, data transparency, and technological integration, the SSF sets a commendable precedent for proactive governance and public welfare. As Punjab embraces this pioneering initiative, it paves the way for safer roads and brighter futures for its citizens.

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