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Quad Nations begins Public Campaign To Improve Cyber Security

Public Campaign to Improve Cyber Security by Quad Nations

The commencement of a public campaign to strengthen cyber security in these four countries has been announced by The Quad, a plurilateral structure made up of India, Australia, Japan, and the US.

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Public Campaign to Improve Cyber Security by Quad Nations: Key Points

  • Internet users are encouraged to join the challenge and make a commitment to adopt safe and responsible online behaviours, according to the National Security Council Secretariat.
  • The programme is a reflection of the Quad’s ongoing efforts to increase cyber security action and awareness as well as to promote a more secure and robust cyber ecosystem for the benefit of economies and consumers worldwide.
  • Cybercrime and other hostile cyber threats, which can cost trillions of dollars annually and compromise sensitive, personal data, target Internet users all over the world.
  • Internet users and service providers can take small steps to significantly improve cybersecurity and cyber safety.

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What is all there is in the Quad Nations Public Campaign?

● The recommendations include regularly updating security software, activating multi-factor authentication for better identity checks, using stronger passphrases that change frequently, and being aware of typical online frauds like phishing.
● The Quad Cyber Challenge offers resources for all users, from corporations to educational institutions, small businesses, and individuals, and will culminate in events during the week of April 10.
● These resources include fundamental cybersecurity knowledge and training.
● The Quad partners are striving to guarantee that everyone has access to the information required to make wise decisions when using the internet and mobile devices.
● Find out what you and your organisation can do to promote a more secure, resilient, and safe online environment so that the entire world is better protected from online dangers.
● This effort is being coordinated in India by the National Security Council Secretariat and the office of National Cyber Security Coordinator.

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