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Rajasthan Goverment launches “Raj Kaushal Portal”

Rajasthan Goverment launches "Raj Kaushal Portal"_4.1

“Raj Kaushal Portal” and “Online Shramik Employment Exchange” has been launched by the Rajasthan Goverment. The portal has been developed by the department of Information and Technology (IT) and Rajasthan Skill & Livelihoods Development Corporation (RSLDC). The “Raj Kaushal Portal” aims to improve availability of opportunities for the migrated workers and hence acts as a bridge between industry and labourers.

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The portal aims to overcome the labour shortage faced by the industries by making it easier for the workers to get employment who are suffering from livelihood losses. The “Online Shramik Employment Exchange” comprises of data of over 12 lakh migrant workers including registered workers of planning offices and building and other construction boards. It also contains data of more than 53 lakh workers and manpower trained in RSLDC and ITI.

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  • Chief Minister of Rajasthan: Ashok Gehlot; Governor: Kalraj Mishra.

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Rajasthan Goverment launches "Raj Kaushal Portal"_5.1

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