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Rajendra Menon Re-elected as Chairman of Armed Forces Tribunal

Former Chief Justice Rajendra Menon of the Delhi High Court has been re-elected as the Chairman of the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) for a four-year term, ensuring his leadership until June 6, 2027. This marks his second consecutive term as Chairman, having initially been nominated for the position in 2019.

A Legal Career of Distinction

Justice Menon’s legal journey has been marked by significant appointments and contributions to the Indian judiciary. His timeline includes:

Appointment as Additional Judge: Justice Menon began his judicial career as an additional judge of the Madhya Pradesh High Court on April 1, 2002, and his dedication and expertise led to his elevation to the position of a permanent judge on March 21, 2003.

Service as Welfare Commissioner: From December 2010 to March 2015, he took on the role of Welfare Commissioner for the Bhopal Gas Victims Compensation Commission, underlining his commitment to addressing the needs of the affected.

Elevation to Chief Justice: On March 15, 2017, Justice Menon achieved the prestigious position of Chief Justice of the Patna High Court, where he presided over significant legal matters until his subsequent transfer to the Delhi High Court.

Tenure as Chief Justice of Delhi High Court: In August 2018, Justice Menon assumed the role of Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court. His tenure in this position extended until May 2019, where he made valuable contributions to the justice system.

Continuing Leadership at Armed Forces Tribunal

Justice Menon’s re-election as the Chairman of the Armed Forces Tribunal reflects the trust and confidence placed in his leadership and expertise. As he embarks on this new four-year term, his wealth of experience and legal acumen will continue to play a pivotal role in the tribunal’s proceedings, ensuring justice for those connected to India’s armed forces.

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