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Rajya Sabha Chairman nominated four women parliamentarians to panel of vice-chairpersons

The nomination of four women to panel of Vice-Chairpersons created a history as it is for the first time that equal representation has been given to women in the panel of Vice-Chairpersons.

Overview of the News:

Four women MPs have been appointed by the Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Jagdeep Dhankar.

The MPs appointed are PT Usha who was nominated to Rajya Sabha in 2022 and is a member of the Committee on Defence, Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Committee on Ethics; Phangnon Konyak, Fauziya Khan who belongs to the NCP and Sulata Deo is from Biju Janta Dal.

This is the first time in the history of the Upper house that equal representation has been given to women in panel of Vice-Chairpersons.


The appointment of four women in the panel of vice-chairpersons is a significant step to give equal representation to female in panel of Vice-Chairpersons and remove gender inequality. This created a history as it is for the time that women appointed to panel of vice-chairpersons.

The appointment represents a diverse range of perspectives and interests as the panel now includes members from different political parties.

Panel of Vice-Chairpersons:

The panel of vice-chairpersons is a group of members nominated to assist the chairman or the deputy chairman of the Rajya Sabha in conducting its business efficiently.


  • The main function of panel of vice-chairpersons is to assist the chairman or the deputy chairman of the Rajya Sabha in conducting its functions efficiently.
  • In the absence of chairman of Rajya Sabha, one of the vice-chairpersons mainly Deputy Chairman presides over the sessions and exercises the powers and functions of the Chairman.
  • Vice-Chairpersons may be appointed to chair various parliamentary committees.


The panel of vice-chairpersons plays a crucial role in ensuring that the Rajya Sabha functions efficiently and effectively during its sessions. By assisting in the management of debates and discussions, the vice-chairpersons help maintain decorum and order in the upper house.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Find More National News Here


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