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Ramsar sites: India adds 10 new wetlands in the list

Ramsar sites: India adds 10 new wetlands in the list_4.1

India adds 10 more wetlands designated as Ramsar sites to make a total of 64 sites in the country. The 10 new sites include Six (6) sites in Tamil Nadu and One (1) each in Goa, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha. Designation of these sites would help in the conservation and management of wetlands and the wise use of their resources.

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India is one of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention, signed in Ramsar, Iran, in 1971. India signed it on 1st Feb 1982. So far 64 wetlands covering an area of 12,50,361 ha have been designated as Ramsar Sites of International Importance in India, till date.

10 wetlands designated as Ramsar sites:

S.No Name of wetland Area in Ha State
1 Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary 72.04 Tamil Nadu
2 Satkosia Gorge 98196.72 Odisha
3 Nanda Lake 42.01 Goa
4 Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve 52671.88 Tamil Nadu
5 Ranganathituu BS 517.70 Karnataka
6 Vembannur Wetland Complex 19.75 Tamil Nadu
7 Vellode Bird Sanctuary 77.19 Tamil Nadu
8 Sirpur wetland 161  Madhya Pradesh
9 Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary 40.35 Tamil Nadu
10 Udhayamarthandapuram Bird Sanctuary 43.77 Tamil Nadu

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