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RBI Grants Authorization to Bandhan Bank for Pension Disbursement to Retired Railway Employees

Bandhan Bank recently announced its official authorization by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to facilitate pension disbursement through e-Pension Payment Orders (e-PPOs) on behalf of the Ministry of Railways. The bank is in the process of integrating with the Ministry of Railways to streamline and operationalize the pension disbursement process.

Scope of Authorization

Bandhan Bank’s newfound authorization empowers it to disburse pensions to retired employees of the Ministry of Railways, encompassing individuals who have concluded their service with the organization. This mandate extends the bank’s reach to approximately 50,000 average Indian Railways retirees annually, covering all offices, including 17 zonal railways and 8 production units of Indian Railways.

Enhanced Banking Services for Pensioners

The authorization not only facilitates seamless pension disbursement but also opens avenues for existing and new customers of Bandhan Bank to access world-class banking services. Pensioners stand to benefit from competitive interest rates and senior citizen privileges offered by the bank. With a network of more than 1640 branches and a robust digital banking platform, Bandhan Bank aims to provide retirees with a comprehensive banking experience.

Insights from Bandhan Bank

Debraj Saha, Head of Government Business at Bandhan Bank, emphasized the significance of this authorization, stating, “Authorization to disburse pension to retired employees of railways provides an opportunity to serve them with the best products and services of the bank. It also gives the retired employees an opportunity to enjoy the most competitive rates provided by Bandhan Bank.”

Context: Indian Railways Workforce

Indian Railways, boasting the largest employee strength in the country, with nearly 12 lakhs individuals, remains a key focus of this initiative. The authorization aligns with Bandhan Bank’s commitment to providing efficient and customer-centric financial services, particularly in the realm of pension disbursement for retired railway employees.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q: What recent authorization did Bandhan Bank receive from RBI?

A: Bandhan Bank secured RBI approval to disburse pensions through e-Pension Payment Orders (e-PPOs) for retired Ministry of Railways employees.

Q: What is the scope of Bandhan Bank’s authorization?

A: The authorization covers disbursing pensions to about 50,000 Indian Railways retirees annually, spanning 17 zonal railways and 8 production units.

Q: How does this benefit pensioners?

A: Pensioners gain access to competitive rates and extensive banking services, including over 1640 branches and a robust digital platform offered by Bandhan Bank.


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