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Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab CM Mann Initiate Scheme For Doorstep Services


Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and AAP national convenor Arvind Kejriwal recently launched the “Bhagwant Mann Sarkar, Tuhade Dwaar” scheme in Ludhiana, marking a historic day for the state. This initiative, inspired by the successful Delhi Model, aims to revolutionize governance by providing doorstep delivery of essential services.

Mobile Sahayaks: The Face of Doorstep Governance

  • Mann and Kejriwal inaugurated the “Mobile Sahayaks,” a fleet of delivery men adorned in distinctive yellow T-shirts featuring Mann’s image.
  • These sahayaks will play a crucial role in providing doorstep delivery of 43 critical services to the citizens of Punjab.
  • The launch event took place at the cycle valley in Dhanansu village, Ludhiana, where Mann expressed his optimism for a citizen-centric model that could be a beacon for the entire nation.

Restoring Dignity and Pride

  • Addressing a rally, Chief Minister Mann emphasized that the initiative would restore the pride and honor of the common man in the state.
  • He envisioned a future where the inconvenience of visiting government offices would be eliminated.
  • The toll-free number 1076 is slated to act as a catalyst for efficient service delivery, ensuring that government services reach citizens’ doorsteps within a specified timeframe.

AAP MLAs: Ensuring Accountability

  • Mann asserted that 92 AAP MLAs, including himself, would actively monitor the scheme to prevent exploitation and benefit the common man.
  • Regular inspections and a commitment to the citizens’ welfare aim to distinguish this government from its predecessors, which were accused of looting the people rather than facilitating them.

Industrial Revolution and Economic Growth

  • The Chief Minister highlighted the positive impact of the state government’s efforts, leading to an industrial revolution in Punjab.
  • Major corporations, including Tata Steel, have invested in the state over the past 18 months, reflecting a positive economic trajectory.

Arvind Kejriwal’s Perspective

  • Arvind Kejriwal, the AAP national convenor, emphasized the historical context, stating that great nationalists sacrificed for an egalitarian society where citizens could access quality health, education, and services.
  • Kejriwal expressed disappointment that such a citizen-centric scheme had not been launched in the 75 years since Independence. He underlined the scheme’s potential to make 99% of state government services available at citizens’ doorsteps.

Door-Step Delivery: How It Works

  • The article explains the mechanics of the scheme, detailing the Door-Step Delivery (DSD) initiative for Government 2 Citizen (G2C) services.
  • It outlines the 43 critical services, including certificates, pension, and bill payments, that citizens can access by calling the helpline 1076 and scheduling appointments.
  • Specially trained personnel equipped with tablets will visit homes or offices, facilitating paperwork, fee collection, and providing acknowledgment receipts.

Employment Boost: 4,000 New Jobs

  • Kejriwal announced that the scheme would generate over 4,000 new jobs in the state, reflecting its positive impact on employment

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q. How does Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann envision the impact of the scheme on the common man in Punjab?

Answer: Mann envisions that the scheme will restore the pride and honor of the common man in the state, eliminating the inconvenience of visiting government offices.

Q. What is the primary objective of the “Mobile Sahayaks” fleet launched under the scheme?

Answer: The “Mobile Sahayaks” fleet is designed to provide doorstep delivery of selected services to the citizens of Punjab.

Q. How can citizens avail themselves of Door-Step Delivery (DSD) services under the scheme?

Answer: Citizens can avail themselves of DSD services by calling helpline 1076, scheduling an appointment, and receiving specially trained personnel at their homes or offices with tablets to complete necessary paperwork.


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