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Reuven Azar Appointed as Israel’s New Ambassador to India

In a significant diplomatic development, the Israeli government, on December 17, gave its nod to the appointment of Reuven Azar as the new Ambassador to India. Mr. Azar, currently serving as the Ambassador of Israel to Romania, will also take on the role of the non-resident Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Bhutan. His appointment is part of a broader initiative by the Israeli government to designate 21 new Heads of Missions. The seasoned diplomat brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having served in various key positions over nearly three decades.

Background and Previous Assignments

Diplomatic Journey

Reuven Azar’s diplomatic journey has been marked by diverse and high-profile assignments. Born in Argentina, he made Aliyah (immigration) to Israel at the age of 13, demonstrating an early commitment to his adopted homeland.

Varied Diplomatic Roles

Mr. Azar has held several key positions, including Head of the Israel-U.S.-China internal task force at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He served as Deputy National Security Advisor for Foreign Policy at the National Security Council and as Foreign Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister of Israel. Notably, from 2014 to 2018, he served as Deputy Ambassador at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC.

Professional Achievements

Expertise in Middle East Affairs

With a background predominantly focused on Middle East-related positions, Mr. Azar has headed the Iran Sanctions Team and directed Middle East Economic Research. His extensive experience includes serving as the Head of Middle East Research in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Amman.

Contributions to Israel-U.S. Relations

During his stint in Washington from 2003 to 2006, Mr. Azar served as Counsellor for Political Affairs, contributing to diplomatic and political engagements between Israel and the United States.

Educational Background and Military Service

Academic Pursuits

Reuven Azar holds a graduate and post-graduate degree in International Relations from the Hebrew University, showcasing his academic prowess.

Military Service

His commitment to Israel is further evident in his military service, where he served in a paratroopers battalion of the Israeli Defence Forces from 1985 to 1988 and continued as a reservist combat Sergeant until 2008.

Appointment as Ambassador

Multifaceted Role

As the newly appointed Ambassador to India and non-resident Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Bhutan, Mr. Azar is set to play a crucial role in enhancing diplomatic ties and cooperation between Israel and these nations.

Timeline for Assumption of Office

While the date for Mr. Azar to take charge in New Delhi is yet to be announced, his wealth of experience and expertise positions him as a key figure in shaping diplomatic relations in the region.



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