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Richest Caste in India 2024, List of Top-10

In India, caste has historically played a significant role in shaping societal structures, including economic hierarchies. While the country progresses economically and socially, caste dynamics continue to influence wealth distribution. As of 2024, certain castes wield considerable financial power, showcasing the enduring impact of historical privileges and opportunities. Let’s delve into the top 10 richest castes in India and explore their economic prowess.

Richest Castes in India

As India progresses, the caste system diminishes, yet societal values persist. Some communities hold significant economic influence. Notably, Jains, Parsis, and Sikhs contribute substantially to India’s economic growth. According to a recent Business Insider report, 22% of upper caste Hindus possess 41% of private assets. Maharashtra, UP, and Kerala stand out as the wealthiest states, contributing nearly half of India’s wealth.

India’s Richest Caste 2024

The Sindhi community, with a population of 2,772,364 in India, stands as a notable and affluent group. Despite a challenging history of migration post-Partition, Sindhis thrive with a strong entrepreneurial culture. Forbes lists prominent Sindhi figures like the Hinduja and Vaswani groups among the richest Indians globally. Their resilience and business acumen have propelled them to prominence, solidifying their position as one of India’s wealthiest castes in 2024.

Top-10 Richest Castes in India By March 2024

Sindhi caste with the entrepreneurial culture, holds the distinction of being the richest caste in India, followed by Jain, Sikh, Baniya, Kayastha.

Here is the list of top-10 richest castes in India:

Richest Castes in India
Rank Caste Key Attributes
1. Sindhi Entrepreneurial culture, Forbes-listed wealth
2. Jain Wealthiest religion, Dominance in diamond trade
3. Sikh Hard-working, Significant overseas remittances
4. Baniya Strong business culture, Money management skills
5. Kayastha High-status occupations, Rich class category
6. Brahmin Access to education, Dominance in governance
7. Marwari Entrepreneurial heritage, Significant contributors to manufacturing
8. Punjabi Khatri Traditionally engaged in trade and banking
9. Christian Emphasis on education and professionalism
10. Rajput Rich cultural heritage, Investments in real estate and agriculture

Richest Caste in India – Sindhi

The Sindhi community, numbering around 2,772,364 in India, emerges as a formidable and affluent group despite their small population. With a strong ethos of entrepreneurship, Sindhis foster a culture that encourages business endeavors from a young age. Notable Sindhi figures like the Hinduja and Vaswani groups feature prominently among the world’s richest individuals, showcasing their enduring wealth and resilience despite the challenges of migration and loss.

Second Richest Caste in India – Jain

With just 0.4% of India’s population, Jainism stands out as the country’s second-richest community, as per Hindustan Times. Their dominance in textiles, diamond trading, and finance contributes significantly to India’s economy. Notable Jain personalities like Gautam Adani and Cyrus Poonawalla feature among the world’s wealthiest. Their high educational attainment, with 34% possessing college degrees, surpasses the national average, fueling their economic success.

India’s Third Richest Caste – Sikh

Sikhs, constituting the third wealthiest caste in India, exhibit remarkable prosperity, with 60% residing in the highest wealth quintile, as per NFHS data. Once predominantly agrarian, Sikhs now boast thriving industrial and business sectors, elevating both community and country. Overseas employment contributes significantly to their wealth, underscoring their renowned work ethic. Notably, the absence of Sikh beggars in India underscores their industrious spirit.

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Which is the richest caste in India?

The Sindhi community, with a population of 2,772,364 in India, stands as a notable and affluent group and the richest caste in India as of 2024.

Which is the second richest caste in India?

Jainism, with just 0.4% of India's population, stands out as the country's second-richest community.

Name the top-5 richest castes in India.

The top-5 richest castes in India are: Sindhi, Jain, Sikh, Baniya, and Kayastha.

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