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RuPay Launches ‘Link it, Forget it’ Campaign at IPL 2024 to Promote Credit Card on UPI

RuPay, in collaboration with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), introduces the ‘Link it, Forget it’ campaign during the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024. This initiative aims to showcase the seamless integration of RuPay credit cards with UPI, emphasizing the convenience of leaving physical wallets behind.

Campaign Details

1. Objective:
The campaign’s primary goal is to raise awareness about RuPay credit cards, highlighting their integration with UPI and the consequent elimination of the need for physical wallets.

2. Creative Concept:
Developed by DDB Mudra Group, the campaign employs humor and relatable scenarios to illustrate how forgetting your physical wallet is no longer a concern with RuPay credit cards linked to UPI.

3. Advertisement Strategy:
Featuring prominent personalities like Shankar Mahadevan, the ads humorously depict situations where individuals inadvertently carry their wallets, only to realize their redundancy in the digital payment era.

4. Consumer Engagement:
The campaign encourages viewers to embrace RuPay credit cards linked to UPI, promising a convenient and secure payment experience while bidding farewell to cumbersome wallets.


– Ramesh Yadav, CMO, NPCI:
Highlights the transformative nature of RuPay’s offering and its impact on consumer payment behavior, emphasizing convenience and technological advancement.

– Rahul Mathew, CCO & Executive Director, DDB Mudra Group:
Emphasizes the behavior-changing aspect of RuPay credit cards on UPI, urging consumers to adopt this innovative payment method through engaging storytelling.

Call to Action

Consumers are encouraged to request RuPay credit cards from their banks and link them to their preferred UPI apps like BHIM, facilitating smooth and secure transactions.

RuPay Launches 'Link it, Forget it' Campaign at IPL 2024 to Promote Credit Card on UPI_4.1