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Sakshi Malik, Mansi, and Divya Kakran won gold in the Bolat Turlykhanov Cup

Sakshi Malik, Rio Olympics Bronze medallist won her first international gold medal at the Bolat Turlykhanov Cup in almost five years. She showed a very impressive performance this year in Bolat Turlykhanov Cup. Her first win was against Irina Kuznetsova from Kazakhstan and the other match was against Rushana Abdirasulova, in which the points were 9-3. Sakshi Malik entered the finals by winning against Kuznetsova with leading points 7-4. She pinned down Irina Kuznetsova for the second time in a single day.

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Mansi won the finals Against Kazakhstan’s Emma Tissina by 3-0 under the 57 kg category. Divya won two bouts Against Delgerma Enkhsaikhan from Mongolia and Albina Kairgeldinova from Kazakhstan. Unfortunately, Divya lost the final bout by 10-14 points and she played against Bolortungalag Zorigt from Mongolia in the 68 Kg category.

  • In the 62 Kg category, Sakshi Malik won against Irina Kuznetsova, via fall.
  • In the 57 Kg category, Mansi won against Emma Tissina, by 3-0.
  • In the 68 Kg category, Divya Kakran won against Zorigt and Delgerma by scoring more points from both of them.
  • In the 76kg category, Pooja Sihag won bronze against Zagardulam, Naigalsuren. The gold medal winner in the 76 Kg category was Aiperi Medet who won against Samar hamza by 17-6.

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