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Sarhul Festival 2022 celebrated in Jharkhand

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Sarhul is the festival of the New Year celebrated in the state of Jharkhand by the tribal communities as part of the local Sarna religion. It is celebrated in the Hindu month of Chaitra, three days after the appearance of the new moon. It is also a celebration of the beginning of spring. The word ”Sarhul” is connected with tree worship. It is a festival where nature is venerated. In the year 2022, it falls on 04 April, Monday.

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About the festival:

  • Sarhul is celebrated by many tribes in Jharkhand, but most notably the Munda, Ho, and Oraon tribes. While nature veneration is an important aspect of the festival, there are also many cultural programmes that are enjoyed along with it.
  • Among these many cultural events is“Baa Porob”, the festival of flowers and the worship of the Sal Tree as well as a special Sarhul dance.
  • The festivities around Sarhul are made even more special with the many festive delicacies that are cooked and enjoyed, such as the rice dish called ”handia”’, a baked or dried fish dish called ”fish sukha”.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • Chief Minister of Jharkhand: Hemant Soren; Governor: Ramesh Bais.

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