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SPACE India named Sanjana Sanghi as its Brand Ambassador

Since its inception in 2001, SPACE India has been on a mission to integrate Astronomy and Space Science into school curricula nationwide, inspiring over 1.5 million students across 1,000 schools. The organization has been instrumental in demystifying rocket science and making space education accessible to all.

Sanjana Sanghi: A Synergistic Partnership

Now, SPACE India has welcomed rising Bollywood star and UNDP Youth Champion, Sanjana Sanghi, as its Brand Ambassador. Sanjana’s commitment to education and social activism aligns perfectly with SPACE India’s vision to increase access to space education. As a gold medalist from Lady Shri Ram College, her dedication to excellence makes her an ideal advocate for the organization’s educational initiatives.

In Sanjana’s own words, “My partnership with SPACE India feels like destiny. I’ve always aimed for the stars, both literally and figuratively. Increasing access to education is central to my humanitarian efforts, and I’m thrilled to collaborate with SPACE India to drive meaningful change.”

SPACE India’s Collaboration with ISRO and NASA

As the registered Space Tutor of ISRO, SPACE India conducts educational programs and citizen science projects in collaboration with ISRO and NASA. These partnerships have allowed the organization to offer a wide range of Astronomy and Space Science products, including telescopes, binoculars, and STEM kits, through its subsidiary, SPACE Arcade.

SPACE Arcade: Bringing Space Education to the Mainstream

SPACE Arcade, as an ISRO registered merchandise partner, ensures authenticity and quality in its offerings, catering to the growing demand for space-related educational resources. With Sanjana’s involvement, the organization aims to further raise awareness about its products and drive mainstream adoption of Astronomy education.

Expanding Reach and Inspiring the Next Generation

Co-founders Shalini Bahmba and Managing Directors Shivam Gupta and Mitul Jain believe that Sanjana’s integration into the SPACE family will enhance awareness about SPACE India and SPACE Arcade, inspiring a new generation of space enthusiasts. They are confident that her partnership will help the organization expand its reach and continue its mission of fostering curiosity and scientific inquiry among students across the country.

The Importance of Space Education

Space exploration has long been a source of fascination and inspiration for people around the world. However, access to space education has often been limited, with many students lacking the resources or opportunities to explore this field. SPACE India’s mission to integrate Astronomy and Space Science into school curricula nationwide is a crucial step in addressing this gap and empowering the next generation of space enthusiasts.

The Impact of SPACE India’s Work

Through its educational programs and citizen science projects, SPACE India has been able to reach over 1.5 million students across 1,000 schools, inspiring them to engage with the wonders of space. The organization’s collaboration with ISRO and NASA has further strengthened its ability to provide high-quality educational resources and experiences, from telescopes and binoculars to STEM kits and hands-on learning opportunities.

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