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Sri Lanka raises fuel prices as it prepares for economic catastrophe

Representatives from the United States arrived for talks in an effort to assist the island nation during its greatest economic crisis since its independence in 1948, Sri Lanka hiked its fuel costs, adding to the suffering of the populace. Diesel, which is frequently used in public transportation, has seen a price increase of 15% to 460 rupees ($1.27) per litre, while gasoline has seen a price increase of 22% to 550 rupees ($1.52) per litre, according to Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC).

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  • After Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera predicted an indefinite delay in receiving new oil shipments, the news was made the next day.
  • According to Wijesekera, supplies of oil expected last week have not arrived, and shipments expected the next week will also not make it to Sri Lanka due to “financial” issues.
  • Wijesekera apologised to drivers and asked them not to stand in line for long periods of time outside gas stations. Many people have left their cars in line in the hopes of topping them off when supplies are replenished.
  • According to official sources, there is still enough fuel on the island to last for around two days, but the government is saving it for important services.
  • The US embassy in Colombo said that a delegation from the US Departments of Treasury and State arrived for discussions to determine the best ways for the US to assist Sri Lankans who are in need.
  • The embassy reported that in the previous two weeks, it had pledged $158.75 million in new funding to aid Sri Lankans.

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  • Energy Minister of Sri Lanka: Kanchana Wijesekera
  • Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Sri Lanka: Ranil Wickremesinghe

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