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State Govt Imposes Rs 6 Crore Fine On Fertilizer Plant For Ammonia Leak

Forty days after an ammonia gas leak from a fertilizer plant owned by Coromandel International Limited shook Ennore in Tamil Nadu, the Environment, Climate Change and Forest Department has taken decisive actions against the company.

Penalty Imposed

The department has slapped a significant penalty of Rs 5.92 crore on Coromandel International Limited for its role in the gas leak incident. This reflects the seriousness with which authorities are addressing environmental hazards.

Legal Action Initiated

In addition to the penalty, legal action is being pursued against the company for violating mandatory conditions under the Air Act. This underscores the importance of adherence to environmental regulations.

Plant Shutdown

In response to the ammonia leak, the plant has been temporarily shut down, as mandated by the government. This measure aims to ensure the safety of residents and prevent further incidents.

Environmental Compensation and Legal Steps

The Environment, Climate Change and Forest Department has directed the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) to collect environmental compensation and pursue legal action against the company for non-compliance with regulations.

Findings of the Technical Committee

A technical committee investigated the incident and found that the leak originated from the under-sea pipeline, which was damaged during Cyclone Michaung. This underscores the need for robust infrastructure in hazardous environments.

Recommendations for Prevention

The committee recommends replacing the damaged pipeline with a state-of-the-art system and implementing enhanced safety measures. Securing the pipeline and conducting regular inspections are essential to prevent future accidents.

Safety Measures and Government Action

The government has accepted the committee’s recommendations and directed immediate implementation. Safety equipment installation and periodic testing are mandatory to mitigate risks.

Compensation and Community Response

The State government is working on compensation for affected residents, acknowledging the concerns raised by the Ennore Residents’ Protection Group. Their continued protest highlights the importance of community involvement in environmental matters.

Important questions related to exams

1. What caused the ammonia gas leak in Ennore?

2. Who owns the fertilizer plant responsible for the gas leak?

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