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Sunil Kumar Yadav (IRS) Appointed as Director of Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs

The Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA) has welcomed a new addition to its leadership team. Sunil Kumar Yadav, an officer from the Indian Revenue Service (IRS), has been appointed as the Director of the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs.

Central Staffing Scheme Appointment

The appointment of Sunil Kumar Yadav was made under the Central Staffing Scheme, as per an order issued by the Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT). The order specifies that Yadav’s tenure as Director of MoHUA will be for a period of five years from the date of assuming charge or until further orders, whichever comes earlier.

Immediate Relieving of Duties

The DoPT order also directed that Yadav be immediately relieved from his current duties to enable him to take up his new role at the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs. This swift transition ensures a seamless integration of Yadav into his new responsibilities.

Strengthening Urban Development Initiatives

The appointment of Sunil Kumar Yadav as Director of MoHUA is expected to contribute to the Ministry’s ongoing efforts in promoting sustainable urban development and improving the quality of life in cities across the country. With his expertise and experience, Yadav will play a crucial role in shaping policies and initiatives aimed at addressing the challenges of rapid urbanization.

Key Responsibilities

As the Director of MoHUA, Sunil Kumar Yadav will be responsible for overseeing various aspects of urban development, including housing, urban planning, infrastructure development, and smart city initiatives. His leadership will be instrumental in ensuring effective implementation of government programs and policies related to urban affairs.

Collaboration and Coordination

The Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs works closely with state governments, urban local bodies, and other stakeholders to drive urban transformation. Yadav’s appointment is expected to facilitate better coordination and collaboration among these entities, enabling more efficient and integrated urban development efforts.

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