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Switzerland-India Free Trade Agreement Concluded After 16-Year Negotiation Saga

Switzerland and India Conclude 16-Year FTA Negotiations: Boost to Jobs and Bilateral Ties

In a historic breakthrough, Switzerland and India have finally sealed a free-trade agreement (FTA) following a marathon 16-year negotiation period. The announcement came from Swiss Economy Minister Guy Parmelin, who, after attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, swiftly headed to India for crucial discussions with his counterpart, Piyush Goyal.


The protracted negotiations signify a landmark achievement in diplomatic and economic relations between the two nations. The FTA holds immense promise for fostering stronger ties and economic collaboration.

Key Points

  1. Job Creation: Minister Parmelin emphasized that the agreement is poised to generate employment opportunities for the youthful population of India, addressing a critical aspect of the nation’s economic landscape.
  2. Bilateral Impact: The FTA is anticipated to bolster bilateral trade and cooperation, fostering a mutually beneficial environment for both Switzerland and India.
  3. Economic Security: Parmelin highlighted that the pact will not only stimulate job growth in India but also contribute to securing employment in Switzerland, demonstrating the agreement’s positive impact on both nations’ economies.

Important Questions Related to Exams

  1. What major agreement did Switzerland and India recently finalize after 16 years of negotiations?
  2. Who is the Swiss Economy Minister involved in the discussions with India?
  3. What key benefits does the free-trade agreement promise for India’s young population?

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