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Cabo Verde Achieves Malaria-Free Certification by WHO

In a recent announcement, the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially certified Cabo Verde as a malaria-free country. This accomplishment positions Cabo Verde alongside Mauritius and Algeria as the third nation in the WHO African region to achieve malaria-free status.

Malaria Elimination Certification Process

The WHO certifies a country as malaria-free after it demonstrates the interruption of nationwide malaria transmission for a minimum of three consecutive years. Additionally, the country must have a robust surveillance and response system in place to prevent the re-establishment of indigenous transmission.

Global Status

Cabo Verde’s certification adds to the list of 43 countries and 1 territory globally that have been recognized as ‘malaria-free’ by the WHO. Notable instances in the South East Asian region include the Maldives (2015) and Sri Lanka (2016), while India awaits such certification.

What is Malaria?

Malaria is a life-threatening mosquito-borne blood disease caused by Plasmodium parasites. Among the five parasite species affecting humans, P. falciparum and P. vivax pose the greatest threat. The disease primarily prevails in tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, South America, and Asia.

Transmission and Symptoms

Malaria spreads through the bite of an infected female Anopheles mosquito. After biting an infected person, the mosquito becomes a carrier, transmitting parasites to the bloodstream of the next individual. Symptoms include fever, flu-like illness, shaking chills, headache, muscle aches, and fatigue. Importantly, malaria is both preventable and curable.

Important Takeaways For All Competitive Exams

  1. Cabo Verde’s Malaria-Free Certification: WHO declares Cabo Verde malaria-free, highlighting successful nationwide transmission interruption and effective surveillance.
  2. Global Malaria-Free Status: Cabo Verde joins 43 countries awarded ‘malaria-free’ by WHO, emphasizing the global effort to combat the disease.
  3. Malaria Basics: Malaria is a life-threatening, mosquito-borne disease caused by Plasmodium parasites, preventable and curable.
  4. Certification Criteria: WHO demands three years of interrupted transmission and a robust surveillance system for malaria-free certification.
  5. Global Impact: Cabo Verde’s achievement fosters hope in the fight against malaria, with lessons applicable globally.

Important Questions Related to Exams

  1. What is the latest country certified as malaria-free by the World Health Organization?
  2. How many countries and territories globally have received the ‘malaria-free’ certification from WHO?
  3. Name the two Plasmodium parasite species posing the greatest threat in causing malaria in humans.
  4. What is the prerequisite for a country to be certified as malaria-free by WHO?
  5. Which regions are predominantly affected by malaria, according to its geographical prevalence?

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