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Tallest Flag Pole in India

Tallest Flag Pole of India in Belagavi

The tallest flag pole of India is in the charming city of Belagavi in Karnataka, India which is about 361 feet high. This incredible structure proudly stands near Fort Lake and adds a touch of national pride to the scenery.

A Big Celebration

A very important person, Firoz Sait cut the ribbon on March 12, 2018 to officially open the huge flag pole at Belagavi. It was a moment of great celebrations and the flag that was raised high was a symbol of our country.

A Resurgent Spirit of Patriotism

After four years, the spirit of patriotism was rekindled as India’s tallest national flag once again unfurled above the cityscape of Belagavi. Belagavi North MLA Asif Sait, a figure of reverence, took on the honor of unfurling the 9,600 sq. feet wide flag atop the towering 361-feet pole. This monumental moment added a new dimension to the annals of the city’s history.

Innovative Engineering and Flag Rotation

Behind the scenes of this technological marvel, a Mumbai-based company meticulously crafted four flags, ensuring a seamless rotation system.  The process of hoisting these grand flags involves the utilization of a powerful 10HP motor, serving as a testament to the prowess of engineering ingenuity.

A symbol of Unity and Pride

When the flag pole was put up again, lots of important people like leaders and their followers and the folks who help run the city, all come together for a special event. The flag pole is not just a tall thing in the sky. It means a lot more. It shows how much we love our country and how proud we are of it. When the flag dances with the wind, it reminds us of the people who worked hard for our country’s freedom and how we all stand together for the country.

List of Top 10 Tallest Flag Poles in India

From the northern border to the southern tip, India proudly displays its patriotism through towering flagpoles.

Here is the list of Top 10 Tallest Flag Poles in India:

S. No. City State Height (in feet)
1. Belagavi Karnataka 361
2. Attari-Wagah Border Punjab 360
3. Pune Maharashtra 360
4. Ranchi Jharkhand 293
5. Faridabad Haryana 250
6. Navi Mumbai Maharashtra 225
7. Connaught Place New Delhi 207
8. Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu 207
9. Raipur Chhattisgarh 207
10. Jamshedpur Jharkhand 200

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Where is the tallest flag pole of India located?

The tallest flag pole of India is in the charming city of Belagavi in Karnataka, India which is about 361 feet high.

Where is the second tallest flag pole in India located?

The second flag pole in India is at the Attari-Wagah Border, Punjab which is about 360 feet high.

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