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Thailand Announces Visa-Free Entry For Indians to Boost Tourism


Thailand is taking steps to revitalize its tourism industry by allowing visa free entries for the citizens of India and Taiwan. This move comes as the high season approaches and is part of a broader strategy to attract more visitors to the country. Thailand had previously visa requirements for Chinese tourists, a significant source of visitors before the pandemic.

Visa-Free Entry for Indian and Taiwanese Tourists

Starting from 10th November 2023 and continuing until 10th May 2024, tourists from India and Taiwan can enter Thailand without the need for a visa. This decision aims to make it easier for travelers from these countries to explore the beauty of Thailand and contribute to the country’s tourism sector.

Visa-Free Entry for 30 Days

As per the announcement, travelers from India and Taiwan can enjoy a maximum stay of 30 days in Thailand without the need for a visa. This new policy is expected to attract a significant number of tourists from these regions and give a much-needed boost to the local economy.

Thailand’s Previous Visa Policy Changes

In September, Thailand took a similar step by scrapping visa requirements for Chinese tourists. China was Thailand’s top pre-pandemic tourism market, contributing 11 million of the record 39 million arrivals in 2019. This move was aimed at rekindling the flow of Chinese tourists to Thailand and rejuvenating the country’s tourism sector.

Tourism Statistics

The decision to waive visa requirements for Indian and Taiwanese tourists aligns with Thailand’s efforts to boost its tourism industry. According to the latest government data, from January to October 29, 2023, Thailand welcomed 22 million visitors who contributed 927.5 billion baht ($25.67 billion) to the economy. These figures indicate a positive trend in Thailand’s tourism sector and demonstrate the potential for growth.

Government’s Commitment to Revive Tourism

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin confirmed the visa-free entry for Indian and Taiwanese tourists after a cabinet meeting, highlighting the government’s dedication to reviving the tourism sector. This decision is seen as a positive step toward attracting more visitors and bolstering the country’s economy.

Future Expectations

The Tourism Authority of Thailand predicts that the number of Chinese tourists is expected to surge to between 4 and 4.4 million in 2023. This projection reaffirms. Thailand’s position as a top destination for international travelers. With the visa waivers for Indian and Taiwanese tourists and the anticipated influx of Chinese visitors, Thailand’s tourism sector seems poised for a strong recovering.

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