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Top 10 Football Players Of All Time

The world of football has witnessed legendary players who have left an indelible mark on the sport. Among them, Lionel Messi stands tall, having recently attained the undisputed title of the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) after Argentina’s triumph in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Let’s delve into the top 10 footballers of all time, exploring their achievements and contributions to the beautiful game.

Top 10 Football Players Of All Time

Rank  Player Goals  Trophies
1 Lionel Messi 802 42
2 Pele 767 26
3 Diego Maradona 353 12
4 Cristiano Ronaldo 819 34
5 Johan Cruyff 433 22
6 Zinedine Zidane 156 15
7 Gerd Muller 718 16
8 Ronaldo Nazario 414 19
9 Alfredo di Stefano 509 27
10 Michel Platini 353 12

Let us take a look at the top 10 footballers of all time.

1. Lionel Messi (Argentina) – 802 goals, 42 trophies

Emerging from Barcelona’s La Masia academy, Messi quickly became a football sensation. Winning seven Ballon d’Or awards and achieving the coveted treble twice with Barcelona, Messi’s crowning glory came with the Copa America 2021 and the FIFA World Cup 2022 victories. His 802 career goals and 42 trophies solidify his claim as the GOAT.

2. Pele (Brazil) – 767 goals, 26 trophies

A three-time World Cup-winner, Pele is hailed as the first football superstar. Known as the “Black Pearl,” he scored over 700 goals for club and country, including six in the 1958 World Cup. Pele’s legacy extends beyond the pitch, marked by numerous titles with Santos and his contributions to Brazilian football.

3. Diego Maradona (Argentina) – 353 goals, 12 trophies

Renowned for his ball control and trickery, Maradona inspired a generation. His pinnacle moment came in the 1986 World Cup, where he led Argentina to victory. Maradona’s impact also propelled Napoli to their only two league titles. His influence on the game remains etched in football history.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – 819 goals, 34 trophies

Cristiano Ronaldo, a prolific goal-scorer, boasts a career spanning England, Spain, and Italy. With five Ballon d’Or awards and five Champions League titles, Ronaldo’s legacy is firmly established. His four goals in UEFA Euro 2012 secured Portugal’s first major trophy, showcasing his versatility and skill.

5. Johan Cruyff (Netherlands) – 433 goals, 22 trophies

Considered the pioneer of “Total football,” Cruyff’s influence extends beyond his playing days. Winning three consecutive European Cup titles with Ajax and three Ballon d’Or awards, Cruyff’s impact is seen in his managerial career, shaping modern football philosophies.

6. Zinedine Zidane (France) – 156 goals, 16 trophies

Zidane, known for control and technique, left an indelible mark on football. Winning titles with Juventus and Real Madrid, including the Champions League, Zidane also played a pivotal role in France’s 1998 World Cup triumph. His skill and elegance make him one of the greatest.

7. Gerd Muller (Germany) – 722 Goals, 16 trophies

A German legend, Gerd Muller, made a name for himself at Bayern Munich. Scoring prolifically, Muller contributed to Bayern’s success and won the European championship with Germany in 1972. His goal-scoring prowess is etched in football history.

8. Ronaldo Nazario (Brazil) – 414 Goals, 15 trophies

A prodigious talent, Ronaldo Nazario showcased goal-scoring instincts early in his career. Winning the FIFA World Cup in 2002 and the Ballon d’Or twice, Ronaldo’s career, though marred by injuries, solidifies his place among the greatest strikers.

9. Alfredo Di Stefano (Argentina) – 509 Goals, 26 trophies

Widely regarded as one of the most complete players, Di Stefano’s impact at Real Madrid is unparalleled. Winning eight La Liga titles and five consecutive European titles, his versatility and success make him an iconic figure.

10. Michel Platini (France) – 353 Goals, 12 trophies

A midfield maestro, Platini played a pivotal role in French football. Winning titles with Nancy, Saint Etienne, and Juventus, Platini’s excellence is showcased by his impact on the field and numerous accolades.

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Who is considered the greatest football player of all time?

Lionel Messi is often regarded as the greatest football player of all time, having recently solidified his status after winning the FIFA World Cup in Qatar with Argentina.

How many goals has Lionel Messi scored in his career?

Lionel Messi has scored a remarkable 802 goals throughout his illustrious career.

How many trophies has Cristiano Ronaldo won in his career?

Cristiano Ronaldo has won an impressive 34 trophies over the course of his career, including five Champions League titles and multiple league championships in England, Spain, and Italy.