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Trilateral Exercise ‘Dosti-16’ Kicks Off In Maldives

Indian and Sri Lankan coast guard ships joined the Dosti 16 exercise held in the Maldives from February 22-25. This year marked a significant development with Bangladesh participating as an observer, indicating a widening scope for the exercise and underlining the growing importance of maritime collaboration in tackling evolving challenges.

Building Bridges Through Cooperation

  • The Maldives Defence Force warmly received ships and personnel from India and Sri Lanka, marking a new phase of deepened military diplomacy and alliance-building in the region.
  • The essence of Exercise ‘Dosti’ transcends mere military maneuvers, embodying mutual respect, understanding, and shared objectives among the participating nations.
  • By fostering cooperation, the exercise addresses traditional security concerns while collectively preparing for non-traditional threats like piracy, smuggling, and environmental disasters.
  • This collaborative approach recognizes that 21st-century challenges are not confined by national borders and emphasizes the value of friendship and cooperation in navigating these waters.

Trilateral Coast Guard Exercise Dosti

  • Origins and Objectives: Dosti exercises, which began in 1991 between India and Maldives, aim to enhance mutual operational capabilities and promote cooperation in maritime emergencies.
  • Expanded Scope: Sri Lanka’s inclusion in 2012 broadened the exercise’s focus, emphasizing collaborative efforts in sea accident management, pollution control, and coast guard protocols.
  • Dosti 16 Amid India-China Relations: Dosti 16 assumes significance against the backdrop of strained India-China relations and shifting geopolitical dynamics in the Indian Ocean region.
  • Navigating Diplomatic Shifts: The Maldives’ alignment with China under President Muizzu has impacted traditional diplomatic ties with India, presenting challenges to regional stability.


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