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TVS Group, Sundaram Med & IIT-M develops “Sundaram Ventago”

TVS Group, Sundaram Med & IIT-M develops "Sundaram Ventago"_4.1

The Sundaram Ventago is a low-cost, automated respiratory assist device which has been developed jointly by the TVS group, Sundaram Medical Foundation and IIT-Madras. This versatile and mobile device will assist the clinicians in constantly monitoring and reporting respiratory parameters. The device has been developed to provide respiratory support to patients through the controlled and automated squeezing of a self-inflating or AMBU bag. The device comprises various functionalities to control respiratory rate (breaths per minute), tidal volume, pressure parameters and I:E ratios.

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To the needy patients, the Sundaram Ventago also provides safety feature such as audible alarms for line disconnection or in case that the PIP exceeds a certain threshold. With the help of this device, the respiratory support will become more affordable and available to all.

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TVS Group, Sundaram Med & IIT-M develops "Sundaram Ventago"_5.1

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