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UN celebrates World Radio Day on 13th of February

UN celebrates World Radio Day on 13th of February_4.1

The United Nations annually celebrates World Radio Day on 13th of February. The United Nations observes World Radio Day to raise greater awareness among the public and the media of the importance of radio. It also encourages the decision makers to establish and provide accessibility to information through radio. It also aims to enhance the networking and international cooperation among broadcasters.

On the 9th edition of the World Radio Day, UNESCO has appealed to radio stations to uphold diversity, both in their newsroom as well as on the airwaves.

The 9th edition of World Radio Day is divided into three main sub-themes:

  • Advocating for pluralism in radio, including a mix of public, private and community broadcasters.
  • Encouraging representation in the newsroom, with teams comprised of diverse society groups.
  • Promoting a diversity of editorial content and programme types reflecting the variety of the audiences.

Most Important takeaways for upcoming competitive exams:

  • Secretary General of United Nations: Antonio Guterres.

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