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Union Cabinet Expanded National Livelihood Mission(NLM)

The Union Cabinet has approved modifications to the National Livelihood Mission (NLM), enhancing its scope with new subsidy provisions. These changes aim to bolster entrepreneurship in the livestock sector and improve fodder cultivation, alongside simplifying the livestock insurance program.

Capital Subsidy for Livestock Entrepreneurship

  • Individuals, FPOs, SHGs, JLGs, FCOs, and Section 8 companies can now receive a 50% capital subsidy, up to ₹50 lakhs, for establishing horse, donkey, mule, and camel enterprises.
  • State governments will assist in breed conservation efforts for horses, donkeys, and camels.
  • ₹10 crore will be allocated by the Central Government for establishing semen stations and nucleus breeding farms for these animals.

Fodder Seed Processing Infrastructure Subsidy

  • Private companies, startups, and various groups can avail a 50% capital subsidy, up to ₹50 lakhs, for setting up fodder seed processing infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure includes construction, machinery, grading plants, and seed storage godowns.
  • Remaining project costs can be managed through bank finance or self-funding by beneficiaries.

Fodder Cultivation Assistance

  • State governments will be supported in cultivating fodder in non-forest lands, wastelands, and degraded forest lands to increase fodder availability.
  • Initiatives will target non-arable lands and areas with low agricultural productivity.

Livestock Insurance Simplification

  • Premium sharing between the Centre and States has been revised to 60:40 for all states and 90:10 in certain cases.
  • The beneficiary’s share of the premium has been reduced to 15% for farmers.
  • The coverage has been expanded to include up to 10 cattle units for cattle, sheep, and goats, making insurance more accessible to livestock farmers.


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