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Uttar Pradesh Government to Provide a Unique Farm ID to the Farmers

Uttar Pradesh government will provide a Unique Farm ID to the farmers, which will be linked to Aadhar to provide them with all benefits of government schemes. The Unique Farm ID will be similar to the Aadhar card. The government is planning to use Aadhar verification to implement the Unique Farm ID card scheme for the farmers.

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Key Points related to Unique Farm ID

  • During the workshop regarding the Unique Farm ID card scheme, the Government wants to initiate and spread the use of Aadhar in more simpler terms.
  • Aadhar will be used to make the use of the Unique Farm ID cards more easily. UP government wants to provide all benefits of the government schemes to the farmers and reach up to the maximum number.
  • The Chief Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra said that the state has saved 8400 crore rupees with the use of Aadhar verification.
  • Through Aadhar verification more than one crore of school children are benefited from various schemes.

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