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Uttar Pradesh Now Holds 2nd Position In GI Tagged Products

Uttar Pradesh Now Holds 2nd Position In GI Tagged Products_4.1

Uttar Pradesh now holds the second position in the country in terms of having the maximum number of Geographical Indication (GI)-tagged goods. The state has received GI tags for three more One District One Product (ODOP) crafts, taking the total number of GI-tagged products in the state to 48. The three newly-tagged ODOP crafts are Mainpuri tarkashi, Mahoba Gaura stone craft, and Sambhal horn craft. The GI tag is a valuable asset for the state of Uttar Pradesh. It helps to promote the state’s traditional crafts and products, and also helps to boost the local economy. The GI tag also helps to create awareness about the state’s rich cultural heritage.

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While Tamil Nadu leads with 55 GI-tagged goods, UP and Karnataka follow with 48 and 46 GI products, respectively. However, UP is first in terms of GI-tagged handicrafts with 36 crafts to its credit. With this feat, UP, beating Karnataka, has become the second state with maximum GI-tagged goods in the country. UP also has the maximum number of GI tags in handicrafts in the country. According to him, of the 48 GI goods of UP, 36 products belong to the handicraft category. In Varanasi region alone, 18 GI-tagged goods out of 23 belong to the handicraft category.

Why GI tag is important?

  • GI tag is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin. The GI tag helps to protect the products from imitation and ensures that consumers get the genuine product.
  • The state government is taking various steps to promote GI-tagged products. The government has set up a GI Cell to facilitate the process of obtaining GI tags for products. The government is also providing financial assistance to ODOP artisans to help them improve their products and marketing.
  • The GI tag has the potential to transform the lives of ODOP artisans and help them to achieve better livelihoods. The government is committed to promoting GI-tagged products and helping ODOP artisans to succeed.

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