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Uttarakhand Suspends Licences of 14 Patanjali Ayurved Products

The Uttarakhand government has suspended the manufacturing licenses of 14 products from Patanjali Ayurved, founded by Baba Ramdev, citing misleading advertisements about their efficacy. This move comes amid ongoing scrutiny and legal proceedings against Ramdev for non-compliance with directives to cease misleading advertising.

Uttarakhand Government’s Action

The drug regulator of Uttarakhand has suspended the manufacturing licenses of 14 products made by Patanjali Ayurved due to repeatedly publishing misleading advertisements regarding their effectiveness. The government’s order, dated April 24, highlights the company’s failure to comply with regulations regarding truthful advertising.

Supreme Court’s Involvement

The Supreme Court is set to hear the case on April 30 to determine whether to press contempt charges against Ramdev for his alleged disregard of directives to halt misleading advertisements. Ramdev has faced criticism from the apex court for not adhering to its orders regarding the promotion of his products.

Indian Medical Association’s Response

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has taken legal action against Patanjali Ayurved, asserting that Ramdev’s claims, particularly regarding the treatment of COVID-19, are misleading and derogatory towards modern medicine. The IMA alleges that Ramdev has maligned modern medicine and the COVID-19 vaccination drive through his statements.

Supreme Court’s Criticism of IMA

During recent hearings, the Supreme Court also criticized the IMA, highlighting complaints of unethical conduct and unnecessary prescriptions by its members. This exchange underscores a broader discourse on medical ethics and accountability within the healthcare sector.

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