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Uttarakhand Tourism Announced India’s First Astro Tourism Campaign Named ‘Nakshatra Sabha’

The Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board has teamed up with Starscapes, an astro-tourism company, to introduce Nakshatra Sabha, a pioneering initiative aimed at offering a comprehensive astro-tourism experience. This initiative goes beyond mere stargazing, intending to immerse participants in various activities such as special solar observations, astrophotography contests, and camping under the stars. The collaboration seeks to create an engaging platform that brings together astronomy enthusiasts, adventurers, and travellers to marvel at the wonders of the cosmos while enjoying the natural beauty of Uttarakhand.

What is Nakshtra Sabha?

Nakshatra Sabha is an innovative astro-tourism initiative launched by the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board and Starscapes, aimed at providing a comprehensive celestial experience. It goes beyond traditional stargazing, offering activities like special solar observations, astrophotography contests, and camping under the stars. The initiative aims to attract astronomy enthusiasts, adventurers, and travellers to Uttarakhand, fostering engagement with the cosmos while enjoying the state’s natural beauty.

Excitement and Potential

The Secretary of Tourism for the Government of Uttarakhand expresses enthusiasm for Nakshatra Sabha, recognizing Uttarakhand’s potential as a prime destination for astronomy-focused travel. With its lush forest cover, nature-based tourism offerings, accessibility to major cities, and well-established hospitality sector, including homestays, Uttarakhand is poised to attract astro tourists from around the globe.

Commencement and Scope of Nakshtra Sabha

Scheduled to commence in early June at George Everest in Mussoorie, Nakshatra Sabha will span until mid-2025, featuring immersive events across Uttarakhand. These events will explore potential night sky sites in districts like Uttarkashi, Pithoragarh, Nainital, and Chamoli, supplemented by educational seminars and webinars led by field experts.

Local Engagement and Economic Impact

Nakshatra Sabha not only offers professional development opportunities for local residents but also aims to bolster local economies and advocate for preserving night skies. Through initiatives fostering dark sky conservation efforts and community engagement, the campaign endeavors to implement a region-wide preservation policy, ensuring sustainability for astro-tourism in Uttarakhand.

Collaborative Efforts with Starscapes

Starscapes, collaborating with local communities, travel and tourism partners, and homestay communities, will play a crucial role in providing training and ongoing support for these initiatives. Their close involvement will ensure the success and longevity of Nakshatra Sabha, benefiting both tourists and the local economy alike.

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