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A Gopalakrishnan won VASVIK industrial research award 2020

A Gopalakrishnan won VASVIK industrial research award 2020_4.1

VASVIK Industrial Research Award

A Gopalakrishnan, Director of the ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute has won the VASVIK (Vividhlaxi Audyogik Samshodhan Vikas Kendra) Industrial Research Award for the year 2020 in the category of Agricultural Sciences and Technology. The award, which carries a cash prize of Rs 1.51 lakh and citation, is in recognition of his significant contribution towards the research works related to fish genetics. The research works related to fish genetics which is relevant for conserving many commercially important and endangered species.

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About the VASVIK research award:

The VASVIK research award is presented to scientists and researchers who have excelled in various fields including agricultural sciences. His research works include the Genetic Stock Identification (GSI), species inventory, taxonomy, breeding and seed production of threatened and commercially important species for mariculture which has helped in improving scientific knowledge on Indian fishery and the conservative measures.

Why this award is given to Dr Gopalakrishnan?

The award committee observed that Dr Gopalakrishnan’s genetic studies conducted and the technologies developed have served to produce molecular markers for many endangered fishes which is crucial for biodiversity conservation. Broodstock’s development techniques and mariculture technologies formulated and standardised by him have helped in the economic upliftment of the society by providing alternate livelihoods.

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